MIILI is a rigorous executive program of one month duration for working professionals in the MedTech field. This program provides early and mid-career medical device professionals the skills needed to be effective leaders, and drive innovation and business growth.

MIILI offers working professionals and students innovative training, knowledge, and experiences through industry-specific courses and unique, hands-on evaluations of emerging technologies in  MedTech. This MedTech industry specialization draws on the diverse expertise of Kalam institute of Health Technology (KIHT)staff working in scientific, technical, legal, and health economics areas and leverages KIHT’s concentration of highly skilled talent to create the next generation of leaders. Many of the skills and techniques which ourstudents will learn in class can be immediately applied to their own work, providing real-time value to the student and their employer.

Total seven modules with leadership lectures. MIILI students will apply many of the skills and techniques they will be learning in class to conceptualize a business idea or a real time business challenge at work into capstone project to earn this coveted certificate.

Kalam Institue of Health Technology

KIHT is a Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India project located within the AMTZ campus and facilitates focused research, provide unique recommendations and access to critical elements in the lifecycle of a medical device, starting from conceptualization to commercialization stage

Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone Limited

AMTZ is an enterprise under the Government of Andhra Pradesh, a 270 Acre zone, dedicated to medical device manufacturing. AMTZ is a Make in India project focused towards reducing the dependency of imports for medical devices and provide Indian manufacturers a level playing field to compete with foreign counterparts.   


  • 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience in the medical device field
  • Students with master’s degree in Biomedical/Biotechnology/Bioengineering or related fields
  • Clinicians, practicing physicians and healthcare providers
  • Innovators in MedTech Industry
  • Medical device consultants and professionals
  • Professionals in leadership roles

Cohort-based model

  • Classes are scheduled for 5 days in week for one month
  • Students take all credits in one month and work on final project simultaneously
  • Complete the program in a month with the final capstone project.

Salient features

  • One webinar every week by a renowned international faculty
  • One leadership session/lecture every month by an eminent industry champion.



MIILI C01: Quality Management and Regulatory Basics in Medical Technology(1 credit)

Examine process validations, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), appropriate management of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and knowledge sharing across the value chain. Understand the basic and most important topics of the global regulatory environment in which the medical device industry operates with emphasis on Indian regulatory environment

MIILI C02: Role of Health Economics in Medical devices (1 credit)

Course is intended to give students an overview of the theory and applications of cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis and related forms of economic evaluation directed at interventions in the healthcare sector.

MIILI C03: Intellectual property Management in medical devices (1 credit)

Developing and placing a medical device in the Indian market requires consideration of regulatory requirements as well as Intellectual Property (IP) clearance and protection. This course will provide you with essential knowledge to understand and protect your company’s IP from competition.

MIILI C04: Introduction to future technologies - Additive manufacturing (1 credit)

Introduction to additive manufacturing and its application in medical device industry with hands on experience on 3D prototyping.

MIILI C05: Business formation in MedTech for entrepreneurs (1 credit)

The course goal is to help you develop insights on what it takes to start a successful business.  It may be a high-potential venture aiming to produce millions in profits, or a one-person lifestyle business, or a social enterprise aiming to solve societal problems. Our primary focus will be on opportunity identification and evaluation:  Where do business ideas come from?  How do you recognize a good business idea?  How can a so-so idea be improved to be a good opportunity?.

MIILI C06: Interpersonal and Team Effectiveness (1 credit)

Develop confidence and capability to transition from technical experts to leaders of multi-disciplinary innovation teams and projects as you explore the mindset and skill set needed to effectively lead and manage yourself and project teams, build organizational capability to execute business priorities and lead change initiatives.

MIILI C07: Capstone project (2 credit)

Develop your own business idea with the tools and knowledge acquired in one month and create your own business plan with a succinct report with the help of mentors provided to you for individual projects. The project ends with a pitch on the final day to the executive board, investors and professors.




   Application Deadline


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inr 40,000 /- + 18% GST

The Fee Covers:



Course Material


Step 1:

Application Email

As part of the application email, you will need to submit to the National Course Coordinator

  1. One Letter of Intent to explain your commitment to the MedTech sector
  2. Your Detailed CV
  3. One reference letter from your current direct Supervisor (or the next best alternative) at work

Step 2:

Shortlisted candidates will get call for Skype interviews on rolling basis

Step 3:

Admission Notiication

Selected candidates will be notified of the admission offer by the programme office. They will be given a time of seven days to make a non-refundable payment of INR 40,000 (plus GST) towards the admission fee, to confirm their participation in the programme.


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